Monday, August 13, 2012

Taking the Plunge!

Well, over the last year my sweet fiance has managed to throw me off the back of a jetski and then a snowmobile... so I figured it was payback time... I threw him out of an airplane!

We headed over to Snohomish Skydive on Saturday and took the first plunge of our new life together! (The next one will be a lil' more permanent).

Getting ready to get on the plane!

What the heck was I thinking?

Too late now!

Falling to earth.

Doing good!

I'm flying! (Vlad is pointing out Mount Rainier)

I got to steer!

While doing so, Vlad noticed my ring! He was impressed!

Feet up for landing.

Boy am I happy to see him!

So what was it like?  Amazing. 60 seconds of freefall at 140 miles per hour. It's a little strange, I'm not sure if its being older or just doing so many of these new things... but I'm not afraid like I used to be. Of course when your best friend is there every step of the way... well it makes things so much better.