Saturday, October 25, 2014

Have Baby Will Travel

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Packing for a week long trip to Puerto Vallarta for my 40th Birthday. This baby is quite the world traveler since we have now traveled to both countries bordering us!

Of course it's extremely stressful when she pulls out every piece of clothing you pack. My mental notes are all mixed up! It's anybody's guess what we actually end up with. It's mind boggeling everything we are taking.

We've packed books, treats and electronic distractions for the plane. We figure she'll sleep with us in the bed because let's be honest... she isn't going to sleep in a crib when she can SEE us. I just know sleep will be hard to come by but that's just the price you pay!

We do have friends coming with us so she'll have playmates and I think my husband and I will get to relax for a bit. I'm really looking forward to seeing him for an entire week! I miss him so much.

We'll if you're interested on seeing pics of how this all goes just follow on instagram. Should be a real adventure!

See you when I get back!

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Hello Baby Moccasins Giveaway!

So I wanted to do a really really great giveaway for my birthday. These are my favorite shoes for baby J and I won't tell you how many pairs we have because its a little embarrassing.  She LOVES these shoes even asks to sleep in them from time to time.  So I bought an extra pair to give away from Hello Mocs!!  These are handmade by a fantastic mom and the quality is EXCELLENT. She does Flash sales most Mondays and you can pick up a pair at 50% off, a great deal.

These genuine leather baby and toddler shoes are the perfect combination of comfort and durability. With elastic openings, these soft-soled moccasins offer ease in putting them on and taking them off of little wiggly toes. The best part? These moccs are temper tantrum proof! The flexible elastic opening also serves as a secure fit for those little kickers.  These are in size 5 inches.

Monday, October 20, 2014

Shopping, Selfies and Ducks

Thursday and Friday I went to work for a few hours and then came home to spend the day with Jessy Lynn.  The nanny was sick so it was mommy daughter time!  We took a trip to Target with grandpa to get some last minute items for a vacation that's coming up.  We did a selfie session in the car in the parking lot...

Saturday and Sunday were beautiful so we spend time going to the park, feeding the ducks and pretty much running EVERYWHERE.

Later this week I have an extra special giveaway that I'm really excited about so stay tuned and have a great week!

Monday, October 13, 2014

Spiders, Socks and Football

We had a great weekend.  Friday the weather was in the 80s still so we used it to spend some time outside.  We learned that Baby J has a wicked sense of coordination when she is kicking a soccer ball!  She laughs hysterically when she's doing it too!

Saturday morning we ate little spiders and headed to the Kids Gym for an hour of tumbling and jumping.  We spent the rest of the day goofing off and wearing daddy's socks like they were tights!

Sunday came and its time for Football!  Hubby and I have had the tradition of Fireball right before kick off since we met.  We've only been apart for one game so far and we video conferenced our shot!  Yes we are that serious about it!  Of course no game is complete without seven layer dip and team colored chips. Am I right?

Here's to hoping the week flies by quickly!

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Christmas Shopping in October

Stephani K. was the winner of the Burt's Bee's Organic Hoodie! Congratulations.

Since its already October I'm REALLY starting to think about my Christmas shopping.

I wanted to get Baby J a Stork Craft Rocking Horse, Cognac and I really like the traditional look of this one, so I already picked it up.  I had to send it to grandpa's house to keep me from giving it to her early!  I can't wait to see how excited she is!

We also got her this Teepee from TipTopTeePee Shop on Etsy.  I can't wait till she sees that!!  I think my husband and I are excited to play dress up with her.  They come in every color imaginable but we went with the neutral canvas so that we could decorate for every season.

I'm also working on customizing some table and chairs for her coloring and crafts projects.  Only 11 weeks till Christmas!

Monday, October 6, 2014

Best Toy Purchase Ever

Sometimes when you have a baby you become so absorbed in the life of caring for them that you lose a little of the relationship you used to have with your spouse.  Suddenly you are so exhausted at night that its easier to watch a movie in silence then take the energy to talk.  We used to talk about everything under the sun with passionate discussions.  We've forgotten.

I found these little cue cards that I've cut out and put in a jar.  When I feel like talking and learning something about my husband, I pull them out, choose one and let the discussion begin.  I've learned things about him I didn't know before and I'm sure its the same for him.

This weekend we set up the Little Tikes First Slide in our house.   Knowing cold weather is on the way and she won't be able to play outside, we've been trying to find indoor fun.  We could NOT get baby J off of it.  She absolutely loved it and I have to say its the best purchase we've made so far.

We had a great weekend, Hubby and I got a dinner out.  We went to breakfast Sunday morning and played in the sunshine. But then it was back to playing on the slide all day!

Hope you had a great weekend.  Ready for Monday Night Football. Go Hawks!

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

1st Day of October and a Burt's Bee's Hoodie Giveaway!

I can't help myself... the weather is crisp and cool this morning and I just wanted to sit in the blankets with baby J all morning and snuggle with a cup of coffee. Time to break out all those cozy clothes!

I did a Burt's Bees Hoodie giveaway that proved to be VERY popular so let's do it again!  I picked up one of these gray hoodies and an extra one just for YOU!  It's size 2T and will work for either a boy or a girl.  I like to pair it with some bright colored leggings for J.  Burt's Bees is 100% organic cotton and washes up perfectly.  Its definitely my favorite brand for cozy clothes.

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