Sunday, October 7, 2012

Mom was there...

The morning we were to catch a flight to Las Vegas I finally got the courage to pull my mother's wedding dress out of the box it was so carefully packed in after her own wedding.  I wanted to cut a piece of the dress to sew into my own wedding dress.  My husband-to-be stood beside me as we unpackaged the dress and opened the contents. I decided I wanted a piece of lace over her heart and gently we cut out a square and packed it away for the trip. I didn't realize how much that little act would impact me but of course I couldn't keep from crying. I assume the two times in life that are the most difficult without your mother is your wedding and the day you give birth to your children. She was definately missing.

The day of the wedding I had some amazing women that wanted to be with me that day, they helped me with decorating the room, getting ready and being an emotional support. They even helped me pin that square of lace in my dress. 

Of course I wish my mother could have been there on my wedding day... but God is so amazing. He gave me a mother for the next journey of my life, one that will be there for the children to come, for guidance when I need it, for a laugh or a cry.  He picked two amazing mothers for me in my lifetime. I am so blessed.

Friday, October 5, 2012

Introducing Mr and Mrs Homer

We got married last weekend. I’m still emotional over how blessed we are to have the family and friends that we do in our lives. I wish I could tell them how very much they mean to me, how their help (Sister Jaime keeping me calm in the morning, Marissa, Jaime and Shayla not letting me hyperventilate while getting ready) meant so much… but the words I could say to express the love in my heart… it doesn’t work, it’s not even close, it doesn’t exist. 

And to marry into such an amazing family… You know it’s awesome when every single person no matter their age, came up and talked about how wonderful both families are, how funny, comfortable, loving each was. How we’ve been asked by friends that this be an annual trip that we all make together to reconnect. It’s not just us they want to see! But our families too! I call that a confirmation of divine intervention. Gods plan and timing for our lives is incredible. When you let go and let him be the author of your life, it doesn’t get any more perfect than that. I now have a really big family to prove it!