Saturday, August 5, 2017

Fantastic Gift Idea for a Guy!

My husband and I rarely have time for a date.  When we get a free hour we like to visit wineries or breweries and do some tasting together!

I had this US Beer Cap Wall Display from Personal Creations engraved with an adventurous theme and a play on our last name, to keep our bottle caps for a fun keepsake.

I went out to the garage to build and stain this frame adding a chalkboard backing so we could write fun notes to remember our dates together. I am absolutely in love with it and so excited to show my husband! 
It will go great in that home office that I have yet to even start!!

The perfect gift for any beer lover and so simple to make!

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Thursday, August 3, 2017

First Overnight Trip as a Family of FOUR!

We took our first overnight trip with two kids recently. I was filled with anxiety but determined to make the best of it. We actually had a REALLY good time. We went to The Tacoma
s Children's Museum in Tacoma, WA that was outstanding! Then the next day we visited Point Defiance Zoo and Aquarium. The kids slept well, we got two queen beds and my husband and I each slept with a kid! My daughter was SO confused as to WHY we are all sleeping in the same room!

Liam checking out the city first thing in the morning

Budgie birds on a stick

What's better then jumping on hotel beds?

They really did such a good job that we are taking them for an overnight camping trip this weekend. I have LOST my mind...

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