Monday, July 31, 2017

Introducing Our New Little Addition!

My husband just about fell over when I told him on Father's Day that even though we thought we were done, we are in fact, adding one more to the family. Let's just say he may have been a little a hell of a lot relieved when he found out THIS was the new addition!

The kids are THRILLED with the new "baby".  His name is Charles Barkley (husband totally named him) and he has a successful Instagram account HERE that you can see many more adorable photos. Trust me, if you want to smile, follow his account!

He's actually a pretty successful dog model and is the face of several companies already... I mean how can you not!!!??

He is just the sweetest little pup in the world and even though I MUST be outta my MIND to think I can handle one more thing.... I did it anyway.

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