Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Fair, Football and Fun! PLUS a FREE Fall Printable!

The weather dropped about 20 degrees yesterday and it made me thing of pumpkins, fall, Halloween and all things autumn!  I made a few new prints for the shop and Jessy had fun wearing this girly ghost shirt from Tulip+Vine.  They have a TON of cute stuff for kids and moms!

I love hearing any suggestions so please comment with any quote you would like to see!  As a thank you I'm giving this Fall print as a digital download for free!

This weekend was jam packed with the county fair and then spending the next day at the lake playing in the water.  My 10 month old actually slept for 12 hours... aaaaaannnd now we are back to up all night.  Sigh...

AND of course we are really excited about our Seattle Seahawks football season is back on the grid!  

Until next time!

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Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Grandpa Visits

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This weekend my dad came for a visit and we got to celebrate his birthday.  Which consisted of two kids coming down with chickenpox.  (Eye roll).  But he's a great grandpa.  My mom died when I was 9 years old... My dad, a firefighter, raised 3 kids by himself.  He and I are best friends and he will always be my hero.  I really enjoy his visits and I love seeing my children love on him.

We BBQ'd, had cake, made homemade ice cream and tested out some new recipes.  We even picked up some fresh fruit at the Farmer's Market.

Here's to hoping the next time he visits, everyone will be healthy!

I'm busy planning Liam's first birthday party coming up next month and still working on more projects around the house... a few rooms need to be painted soon and we need to make a table for outdoor AND indoor.  And I'm REALLY considering painting the front door and adding all new outdoor lights.  Sigh... the list is long, really long.  And honestly, I love it.  Being a stay at home mom I NEED to feel creative.

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Sunday, August 7, 2016

Summer Fun... or Not

Well we've been having fun.... and a whole lot of sickness over here.  We started with the worst flu I've ever experienced. The kids and I ended up with a fever for about 4 days each, up to 103.  We ended up taking one to the emergency room.  After 2 weeks we were FINALLY healthy and 2 days later the first one came down with the chicken pox.  The baby is currently running a 103 degree fever.

I've decided to see the blessings in all of these things.  Like the fact that for the life of me, I never got my baby to take a bottle... so we are STILL nursing.  Which means I can comfort him greatly when he isn't feeling well and make sure he's hydrating.  Or the fact that my kids have now had the chicken pox and we will NEVER have to worry about it... AND everyone got a boost to their immune system so maybe we'll avoid the shingles in old age.  Or the fact that we are getting all of these bugs out of the way before Jessy starts her dance/preschool class this fall. I just say Thank You Lord for all those things that I hated at the time but are making sense now.

We've been enjoying our summer as much as possible, which really means staying home most of the time.  We made ice cream for the first time with the kids and it was such a great experience.  It brought back all of those times watching my dad making ice cream growing up.  I inherited my grandmother's ice cream maker so it's really nostalgic.

Jessy has been getting ready for dance school and I've been brushing up on my photography skills and having fun.  This adorable outfit is her absolute FAVORITE.

The top is my Camplight Apparel... a great company with great shirts, you need to check them out and THIS shirt is on sale through Monday so get one!  They have all styles and sizes, even adult.  The tutu skirt is from Stormy Stitches... and guys, this is awesome.  I love supporting moms, so when this little gem turned to be AMAZING quality for such an awesome price... Go. Shop.  I'm going to buy again and again from her.

And not to leave out the little dude that turned 10 months last week while battling the sickies.  He is such a good boy, ruff and tumble but sweet and cuddling.  The perfect combination.

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