Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Grandpa Visits

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This weekend my dad came for a visit and we got to celebrate his birthday.  Which consisted of two kids coming down with chickenpox.  (Eye roll).  But he's a great grandpa.  My mom died when I was 9 years old... My dad, a firefighter, raised 3 kids by himself.  He and I are best friends and he will always be my hero.  I really enjoy his visits and I love seeing my children love on him.

We BBQ'd, had cake, made homemade ice cream and tested out some new recipes.  We even picked up some fresh fruit at the Farmer's Market.

Here's to hoping the next time he visits, everyone will be healthy!

I'm busy planning Liam's first birthday party coming up next month and still working on more projects around the house... a few rooms need to be painted soon and we need to make a table for outdoor AND indoor.  And I'm REALLY considering painting the front door and adding all new outdoor lights.  Sigh... the list is long, really long.  And honestly, I love it.  Being a stay at home mom I NEED to feel creative.

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