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The Heart Comes Home

Life can be a whirlwind and I’m living proof!
I met the love of my life when I was 37.  We got married at 38 and had a baby at 39.
You would think I would slow down… nope.
At 40 I quit my corporate job of 19 years, moved to another city, and my husband started a new businesses!  Can you say CRAZY?
But WAIT, I’m not done.  We just had a baby boy on our 3 year wedding Anniversary.

The Heart Comes Home is filled with little things that I've learned along the way, from having a baby to decorating a home.  I want to inspire you to make your ordinary day extraordinary.  To take a few minutes and brighten the faces of the ones you hold most dear.  And make your home the place people want to be in, to rest, to love, to laugh.

Things about me:
I’m married to my best friend, who knows me better than anyone on earth… and still chooses me.
We have a baby girl named Jessy Lynn and a boy named Liam who is proof that God exists and miracles do happen.  
I love Mexican and Thai food, I could eat it every day.
I love to travel and see new places (I have quite the bucket list!)
I have no tolerance for lying or ungrateful hearts.
I love helping people and making them feel special… it’s the reason I started this little project.

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