Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Introducing the Newest Family Member

Well I know its been awhile... a long while.  But I'm back now with lots of fun things to share.  But first an update.

My pregnancy was rough.  We ended up in the hospital with preterm labor and both of our hearts were in distress. Recovered from that to experience our actual labor 5 days early.  I was in labor for over a WEEK!!  I had never heard of this before but it actually has a name.  Prodromal labor.  You go into labor for hours (8-12 for me) with serious contractions that come every 6 minutes or so.  The kind of contractions you are on your knees for and singing through.  BUT, they never progress.  It's like groundhogs day for pregnant mothers... just in case the last 9 months wasn't uncomfortable enough!  I have to admit, by the 4th night I was crying to my very supportive husband to knock me out.

But alas, all things come to an end... and our healthy baby boy was born.

I have had a rough postpartum as well so its taken some time to get back into the swing of things, forgive me if I'm a little inconsistent for awhile, until things are fully under control.

Jessy is both loving and jealous of her little brother which is to be expected.  We lost our naps the last few weeks as I can't leave the baby to put Jessy down for her nap if he isn't sleeping, which he hasn't been.  He takes a 2 hour nap at a different time!  But he sleeps through the night, which is a huge blessing.  I told my husband, "These are the babies that people have to make them want to have more kids!!"  I'm not gonna lie... I DESERVE this baby.  My daughter was up every 1-2 hours for her first YEAR and I got up to work at 5am every morning.  It was hard.

I'm adjusting to being a stay at home mom, trying to juggle a baby and a VERY active toddler and I feel like a failure 3 out of 5 days.  I just pick myself up, apologize and try harder... with lots and lots of prayer.  There are so many things that I want to do around the house and I can't wait till the day I can get them all done!  At least with the winter, I just might get that chance!

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