Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Fair, Football and Fun! PLUS a FREE Fall Printable!

The weather dropped about 20 degrees yesterday and it made me thing of pumpkins, fall, Halloween and all things autumn!  I made a few new prints for the shop and Jessy had fun wearing this girly ghost shirt from Tulip+Vine.  They have a TON of cute stuff for kids and moms!

I love hearing any suggestions so please comment with any quote you would like to see!  As a thank you I'm giving this Fall print as a digital download for free!

This weekend was jam packed with the county fair and then spending the next day at the lake playing in the water.  My 10 month old actually slept for 12 hours... aaaaaannnd now we are back to up all night.  Sigh...

AND of course we are really excited about our Seattle Seahawks football season is back on the grid!  

Until next time!

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