Monday, October 6, 2014

Best Toy Purchase Ever

Sometimes when you have a baby you become so absorbed in the life of caring for them that you lose a little of the relationship you used to have with your spouse.  Suddenly you are so exhausted at night that its easier to watch a movie in silence then take the energy to talk.  We used to talk about everything under the sun with passionate discussions.  We've forgotten.

I found these little cue cards that I've cut out and put in a jar.  When I feel like talking and learning something about my husband, I pull them out, choose one and let the discussion begin.  I've learned things about him I didn't know before and I'm sure its the same for him.

This weekend we set up the Little Tikes First Slide in our house.   Knowing cold weather is on the way and she won't be able to play outside, we've been trying to find indoor fun.  We could NOT get baby J off of it.  She absolutely loved it and I have to say its the best purchase we've made so far.

We had a great weekend, Hubby and I got a dinner out.  We went to breakfast Sunday morning and played in the sunshine. But then it was back to playing on the slide all day!

Hope you had a great weekend.  Ready for Monday Night Football. Go Hawks!

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