Monday, October 28, 2013

Jessy is now going through her 4 month mental spurt which means waking every hour for the last two weeks, hoping its over soon.  I've finally accepted my husbands help and he gets up every other time with her since getting in the habit of feeding her every hour to get her back to sleep just might be a problem down the road.

She's already showing the rewards of this growth spurt, holding her head up like a champ and she learned to roll over!

Saturday the family took a stroll for the last nice warm day of the year.  Winter completely hit yesterday with 45 mile an hour winds and rain all day and night. 

And even though I thought for sure I would miss that horrible hair loss after pregnancy, it began on Friday.  I'm pulling handfulls of hair out of my head.  While I did try to get sympathy from a bald man, he did encourage me by telling me I could always get a blond wig and try something new!

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