Monday, December 9, 2013

This weekend was ice cold... actually it was ALOT colder than ice with windchill temps in the minus 25!! So we didn't leave the house with the babe. But we finished the Christmas decorations, adding some lights outside (we made our own lighted trees that turned out great!) and starting our batches of Christmas goodies to give out. Of course I was just told by the doctor to stop eating gluten AND dairy because our babe may be having a reaction to one of them. Do you know how tough this is?  Of course my husband has been generous enough to be the Christmas goodie tester... and you know quality control means having to test a million a few times. Isn't he just the best?

If you do have to go out in the cold, these little suits by Old Navy are the best!  It makes her look like Ralphie's brother from the Christmas Story!

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