Saturday, May 10, 2014

Sleeping Beauty - Sleep Schedule

For the first six months of Baby J's life I was feeding her every 2 to 3 hours all night long.  "It was rough" would be an understatement.  But we continued on this path with her.  At 6 months she was only getting up 3 times a night for feedings.  We thought about night weening her... but I just can't make her cry it out. Especially thinking that she is hungry. (She was eating 6 ounces EVERY time she woke up).  At 9 months she dropped a feeding on her own and at 10 months she dropped another one... on her own, in her own timing.

Looking back my husband and I are really proud of how we have raised her.  We have always been there for her, never made her cry for something she needs and it has created a very happy, secure baby.

As far as her sleep schedule goes, we are to the minute.  Why?  Because she's just that type of baby, and that's okay.  Just because you had a baby that didn't need a schedule, doesn't mean that other babies don't need one.  Through trial and error we have seen this with our daughter.  She needs to go to bed at 7pm. Not 7:15, not 7:20.  Yes its that scheduled.  But if you saw how she reacted you'd understand.  She has become an excellent little sleeper and we are so proud of her.  She has gained the confidence she needs. In fact one day we had a new babysitter who put her down for a nap and she immediately called me and said that was the easiest baby she has ever had.  Yup!!

What's nice about this?  We can travel and stay up till 9pm with her and its not an issue.  She seems to know that because we are not home, things aren't the same.  She sleeps just as good.

I say all of this because I know there are a lot of moms that are more laid back on their baby's sleep schedule and they tend to make you feel like you're crazy not normal. Every baby is different... if what you feel you are doing is the best for your baby, then do it proudly!

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