Thursday, December 10, 2015

Spreading Holiday Cheer

We've had an exciting December so far. We had our first snow storm in which we got Jessy out of bed and into snow clothes to play. There wasn't much snow last year so this was her first time really playing, hopefully we get more!

Of course afterward we had to have hot cocoa with whip cream and "prinkles", which is also called Jessy's coffee. I love her names for things!

And then she had a cuddle session with her baby brother. Oh the way she loves him melts my heart.

On an entertaining note... remember that reading tree that I blogged about last time?  Well it was going so great, every night we would open a book and read it.  Well yesterday I was nursing the little guy and I could hear paper tearing in the other room.  Of course I can't yell because he is JUST about to finally fall asleep.... by the time I get out there, Jessy had unwrapped all of the books under the tree and was sitting in a pile of paper. Sigh... 

'Tis the season!

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