Monday, May 1, 2017

Dry Falls in Washington State

This is called Dry Falls. It was once the largest waterfall in the world. It was fives times wider then Niagara and ten times the flow of all the current rivers in the world combined!! It is an awesome site to see if you are ever in Washington state!

After we visited dry falls we went on to see Lenore caves. This is where I truly learned to never follow my husband when we are hiking. The first time we went hiking with our daughter as a baby, we went to Mt Rainier. My husband told me to take a trail that was straight up. We saw NO ONE on this trail and about half way I realized we were on a game trail that went over the mountain instead of around. I could have killed him!

Fast forward to our first hike since our son has been born. I let him lead coming back from the caves. My feet were so unstable so I just continued to look at the ground. All of a sudden I realize we are on a ten inch ledge of river rock with a sheer drop off. At that moment my son starts swinging in the backpack and I have a complete panic attack. I manage to get back but I was shaking so bad and had a hard time stabilizing my breathing at which point I told my husband he is NEVER leading again!

This is the parking lot.  We made it back in one piece!

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