Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Question of the hour

Do I need to hire a midwife or can my husband handle this?

PS. I think he'll do just fine.


  1. Are you being serious or facetious? If I could have more babies I'd have them at home. I think I'd have a midwife, though. But only because I think my husband would feel more comfortable with that.

  2. I would not have them in a hospital if I could. I'm still struggling with that since this is my first at an older age. I would honestly rather have a water birth. I wish this town had all the options... Hoping to labor at home as long as possible at the least.

  3. I dont know if a Midwife is needed, however with it being the first, I would suggest maybe haveing one of your closest friends, maybe one who has already had a baby of their own, or one who has been through labor with someone else. With My fist my friend was with us the whole time talking to me, while also talking to DJ keeping him calm, and focused. I think the hardest part for a husband is seening their wife in pain, and not being able to do anything about it, and having that other person there to tell you both its ok, just breath can really help.