Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Things I Would Tell My Daughter

One thing I’ve learned being an older mom for the first time.  It’s something I’ve always “said” but never really took the time to analyze WHY I felt that way.  My marriage will always come first and my kids second.  I’ve watched so many relationships “stay together for the kids” and when they were grown and gone, the parents were complete strangers.  They put everything into their children and nothing into each other.

We spend evenings talking about what we want to teach our daughter about relationships.  We want to raise a strong individual that is secure in herself and her beliefs.  In thinking about that I came to realize that the best thing we can do for her is to have a solid marriage and partnership.  Our children learn by watching.  I still remember being a little girl and seeing my grandmother sit on my grandfathers lap.  They loved each other very much and you could tell, even as a very young child.  And 25 years later, that’s what I wanted in a husband, someone that would hold me like he did her.

I want to show her what a good relationship looks like.  What a good man looks like and how he treats his wife.  I will tell her to find a man just like your father.  One who treats you with tenderness, respect and unconditional love.  Someone who makes you laugh, tells you how beautiful you are in the morning when your hair is going every which direction (or have a 10 pound basketball in your stomach) and holds you to fall asleep every night.  Someone who’s word means everything.  Someone who will protect not only you physically but your heart as well.

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    Mommy, Daddy TIME is a must! even if it's just a few min. everynight cuddled on the couch talking about your day, or a weekly date night.