Wednesday, June 19, 2013

The Place of In Between

This place of in between that becomes every woman’s battle.  The anxiety of one foot being in one world and the other in the world to come of being a mother.  The books have all been read, every word has been absorbed, the pantry is stocked with food, the nursery is ready, every outfit washed and folded and the waiting begins.  

I’ve decided this should be a time of surrender, a time of preparing.  A time to lay my head in my husband’s lap and let him stroke my hair, even cry if I need to.  A woman NEEDS this time of preparation for we are about to go to a place of standing in the gap between those two worlds, the one in which our baby is now and the one she’ll soon be born into.  No one can do it for you.  Our cells, hormones, body, they know this, they are preparing, even if we just want it all to happen right NOW.  But while that is all going on, God is preparing our soul and hearts as parents.  What a beautiful time to be in.

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