Monday, September 9, 2013

I like to keep things positive but sometimes my husband says I should write about the not so good things too.  So I’m going to put them all in one post and get it over with!

Birth experience. 

I went into labor on a Monday morning about 1am.  After going to work for an hour at 6am to get my affairs in order (yes I’m that crazy) I came home to labor as much as possible.  My husband went to work and came home at lunch time.  We were heading to the hospital by 2:30 that afternoon. 

I labored in the tub for awhile and that really made the contractions come on strong.  I had back labor and my baby was sunny side up so for the next 9 hours I stood leaned over the bed with every contraction trying to get her to turn.  About midnight the nurse came in and said that the on-call doctor was in an emergency surgery and that I would have to stay at a 9 and not push till she got out, about two hours.  You can imagine what was going through my mind.  I asked her if she could deliver the baby herself and she said not if its sunny side up.  I was so crushed that I was going to have to get an epidural because no one in their right mind can stay at a 9 and not push.  In hindsight I wish I had just pushed the baby out and they would have to figure it out. 

So I got the epidural and the doctor was in two back-to-back surgeries for 5 hours.  I was thinking it was a good thing that I got the epidural at that point.  We were just waiting for her for HOURS.  Well the epidural made my uterus stop contracting.  Nothing could get it going right, not even the highest dose of pitocin.  My oxygen levels fell, they were talking about extracting the baby and I said no way!  I’ll push this baby out myself, I didn’t know that was possible… but I was going to find out!  They were worried I was going to hemorrhage so had the backup drugs and doctors ready to go.  Of course there was a team of prayer warriors praying me through. 

This experience even though very frightening at the time was a complete miracle. I know the doctor and nurse were pretty darned surprised about the whole thing.  My telling of this is to say if you are in the same situation, you CAN push the baby out without the help of interventions.  It takes everything you have but it is possible.

And in case your wondering my husband wants to deliver the next one himself.  He watched it all being done and says he knows exactly what to do. 


I've said I've been through everything possible.  Mastitis, Milk blister, clogged ducts, Thrush, oversupply, undersupply, latch problems, pumping. If you have any questions, I'm here to help! I'm still going strong.


So our baby has been in Daycare a total of 7 days and they have forgotten to feed her TWICE!!  I can’t tell you how incredibly mad I am about this whole situation and there are circumstances behind each one but the latest is she put the bottle in the fridge and forgot it was there!  This is a good place it just seems like the bad things are happening to us.  So I’ve gotten permanent bright colored labels to put on the bottles instead of them using their own so hopefully they will notice. 

Snotty noses

This I hate more than anything, I feel completely hopeless.  She can’t breathe, she chokes, it’s just the saddest  thing!  At least we got the best snot sucker EVER. If you have a baby, GET ONE OF THESE!

That's all for my negative posts for the year!  

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  1. Our baby had a lot of congestion her first few weeks at home. We started using a humidifier in her room and she hasn't had any congestion since. Before that we were using the bulb syringe on her day and night.