Thursday, September 5, 2013

The love for your child.  It’s unlike anything I have ever experienced before.  It’s so deep, so bonded, so primal.  It’s not emotional, it’s not intellectual, it’s in your very soul, it’s in your DNA. 

All of a sudden your total existence is for this little girl and nothing for yourself matters, not food, attention, sleep, pedicures! You don’t care about anything for yourself, only to make that baby smile. I could be awake for hours but then take another 20 minutes to just watch her sleeping before tucking her back into bed. 

So the thought continues to play in my mind.  God gave his only son…

I thought I knew God’s love for us, but having a baby really put that into prospective.  I would kill for my child. I would die for my child.  He GAVE his child… for us.  

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