Thursday, January 9, 2014

Sometimes there are moments in your life that define your true character.  It seems my husband and I have had a whole lot of those moments in the last year and half.  

My grandma (sudo mother) was diagnosed with cancer and in 11 days her life ended.  It was a complete shock.  Being the only family here in town, I spent every moment I could with her.  Breastfeeding an infant does not work when you are doing that.  My husband took over care of our baby… giving her foods when he could, pumped milk when I had it and bringing her to me to nurse when all else failed.  He even spent Christmas alone with her, so that I could be with Grandma in the hospital.  Never once did he say a word but hugged me and supported me the moment I walked through the door.  His patience was endless.  His support unwavering and his love overwhelming.  

We did get to go swimming Christmas night when I got home.

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