Monday, June 16, 2014

Let's talk about Father's Day... last night I set the kitchen towel on fire when I decided to lay it on a hot burner, got that extinguished to go out to flip the ribs I was making and the BBQ read 700 degrees and of course the ribs were completely on fire. (Someone missed the chore of cleaning the grill).  So my husband had to go get his Father's Day dinner at Burger King.  How's THAT for a first Father's Day?  Can only get better from here right?

Getting ready for our first plane ride.  I'm really stressed about it since I have a teething baby who is going through the toughest "Wonder Week" of them all. (That wonder week lasts 5 weeks this time...).  We went to the Dollar store and bought a bunch of junk toys to bribe her with, of course the flight is sold out and she's not good at sitting still lately.

I made a bunch of these to pass out on the plane so they don't pelt us with stale peanuts when she loses her marbles...  Yes I put ear plugs in there.

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