Tuesday, June 3, 2014


On Saturday I surprised my husband with a trip to Seattle to meet some of the Seahawks players.  Michael Bennett was having a cocktail party for his charity OCEAN.  Its a fantastic program to help kids fight obesity.  And the way he goes about it is to teach the parents how to make healthy meals on a budget.  I love that!  We were able to get some things signed by about 15 of the players, from Percy Harvin to Malcolm Smith (MVP of the Superbowl).  It was a really fun event.  Afterward when everyone left we got to sit down with several of the players for a private dinner.  It was probably the coolest thing I've ever done with the Seahawks... and I've done ALOT.

 That was the view from the bathroom. 76 Floors up.
Got to play DJ for awhile, although Michael Bennett did it alot better than me!

Brandon Mebane.  We got to ask him how he felt about the President talking about his belly roll!

Gregg Scrubbs was our dinner mate.  It was fun getting to know him.  These guys have their heads on straight, so proud of the good men the Seahawks organization have.

Michael Bennett and his family are so sincere and genuine people.  I think know he's going to be my new favorite player. Go Hawks!!

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