Monday, January 5, 2015

Welcome to 2015!

I hope your holidays were wonderful.  Mine sure were.  Both the Mr and I took time off to spend together as a family. New Years Eve was spent with party hats and horns until about 10:00 or so and then I was done and snuggled in bed.

We did a lot of playing around.  Building forts, reading, cooking, painting, you name it, we did it! Last night you would have found two sets of legs sticking out from the teepee with all three of us inside watching a movie. It was heaven to me.

Yesterday we also celebrated my grandmother's 100th birthday with a party.  I had made little cards that had the events and inventions of that year on them.  It's incredible how much she has seen.

Now that the decorations are put away, I feel the pressure to get on track, get organized and start getting some areas cleaned out.  I suppose Craigslist is going to become my best friend in the next month!

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