Friday, April 3, 2015


Did you miss me?

I know that I've been MIA lately but I have some really good reasons.  The first of which is, my husband bought a house.... in another city.  So for the first time in my LIFE, I will be living somewhere other than my hometown.  I'm nervous for sure but I'm looking at it as a whole new adventure. A whole new life really.  Leaving the corporate world of 19 years and becoming a homemaker is so foreign to me!

My coworker Stephanie sent me this message and it really hit home. "Don't be sad, be happy that God is opening a new charter in your life something bigger then you yourself could dream up. Your life is what I hope to achieve in my life so be proud and hold your head high."

I'm ready to take on the job of making this house our home. And I hope you follow along through all the ups and downs and miscolored walls (I'm sure they'll be a few). I have my Pinterest boards filled with ideas and I'm ready to work!

I'm very excited to finally be a family again with my husband who has been living in this city for 8 months while we see him on the weekends.  Let me just tell you how amazing he is.  If you noticed above I said my husband bought a house.  I haven't seen it in person.  Yes, I trust this man with everything in my life.  He knows me very well and I have no fear in what I'm going to find.  He's literally done ALL the work.  While I've been at home packing up our current house.... wait... maybe this wasn't such a fair deal?!

Last weekend we took Jessy to see the ducks... I know she'll miss them but we'll bring her back to visit along with our stale bread.

Here's to new adventures and many more blog posts!

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  1. So excited to follow u on ur journey and to come visit! Congratulations to you and Mike on ur next chapter of life. Love u girl!