Wednesday, May 13, 2015


We are slowly getting settled into our new house.  Weekends are spent at the parks and playgrounds and spending as much family time together as possible.  Everything seems hectic and crazy with staying home with a Toddler who is VERY energetic.  I find it difficult to do anything especially while she was getting used to the idea of being in a new home and that her parents or her daddy wasn't going to leave for a week at a time.

We have hit up every park in town so far.

She has no fear of any slide we go on....

This slide I can easily stand under and not reach the top even in the middle.  It was so tall that I couldn't get any pictures of her going down because I had to catch her before she flew off!

Living together with my husband full time after 8 months takes some adjusting too.  Not in our relationship but definitely in parenting. After all, I've been the sole parent for that time. He's been learning alot! ;-)  For instance... the dog ran away and we were calling her back with a box of nilla wafers.  I went out back to water some pots and I heard our daughter throwing a tantrum.  A little later my husband came out and I asked him what that was all about.  "Oh she wanted the cookies so I told her to get them off the shelf in the pantry herself."  Without blinking I ran in the house and down the hall.  The pantry door was closed and I could hear a little girl giggling as I opened the door to see her sitting in the middle of the floor with the box of cookies in her lap.  Let's just say... that won't be happening again :-)

Jessy's vocabulary has exploded since we moved and her favorite word is "bath" because she wants one every second of the day. I have yet to enjoy that tub all to myself... I'm a little jealous.

I'm going on 20 weeks pregnant and can't wait for this little man to get here.  I really HATE being pregnant.  It's just 9 months of pure torture for me and I now live in a city that has NO maternity clothes.  Walmart doesn't even carry them.  So me and my 4 shirts need to do some shopping soon!

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