Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Spring Time in BLOOM

It's starting to feel like spring over here!  We did a little Springtime decorating this week and it was a lot of fun for both me and our daughter. She picked out what things she wanted to put up and we did it.  So fun to have her at the age where she can be involved!

These flowers by the way... are coffee filters.  Yup, you heard that right.  My friend Amber over at The Misadventures of a Crafty Housewife, gave me the idea.  I hate reading her blog sometimes... the laundry doesn't get done for a few days!!  She has great ideas.

To dye the flowers I just used food coloring in water and tea to get the natural color.  I dried them in the dryer, because, well I'm a mom of two babies... I ain't got time to watch them dry! Shhhhh don't tell!

Our Bloom sign is a free printable and it goes perfect with our display.

Jessy also had me print out a few more printables and we added a touch of spring to a few rooms.  Now if the weather would JUST cooperate.

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