Monday, March 7, 2016

Monday Morning Recipe

It's amazing how you can give a toddler the same breakfast 100 times and hear, "but I don't WANT it."  Then stick that same breakfast on a stick and "this is the BEST breakfast EVER mom!"  I just got the mini eggos with a slather of Nutella and added a slice of banana and strawberry.  Your welcome.

I've been looking for quick and easy recipes (that are still healthy) since with two kiddos on the loose, cooking dinner has become a really hard task.  There have been disasters people... very... bad... disasters.

This Cashew Chicken recipe done in the Slow Cooker is a win win!  I can dump it in at lunch time and forget about it.  I just added a bowl of broccoli to go along with it for more veggies and it was delicious.

The weather is S L O W L Y getting better so we are spending as much time as possible outside.  Of course we've been feeding the nosy neighbors and looking at nature in a whole new way!  We have been seriously considering getting chickens and will definitely do it by next spring if not sooner. This city girl is goin' country!

Have a great week everyone.

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