Tuesday, May 7, 2013

The Nursery Is Just About Complete!

My wonderful husband sat in every chair in our city to find the PERFECT one.  And boy is it ever comfy.  When people sit in it they don’t want to get up… EVER!

Our crib mobile is homemade with a branch that we illegally cut found when we went out driving one day looking for the best shaped specimen.  We brought it back and painted it a pearl white and hung it from the ceiling.  We can hang different objects depending on the season.  I started with these summer flower balls that I made with felt fabric and a Chinese lantern and a TON of hot glue. (Of course my husband is crazy a perfect saint for putting up with all of my “projects”.)

I aged pictures of us, and the grandparents and put them in these old frames.  This is probably my favorite thing in the nursery.

The latest addition is our sign over her crib.  Yes she will move mountains. With all the love and prayers that will follow her through her life, she will be incredible!  It’s a declaration for all who enter her room that she is mighty, she was a promised gift from God and she has a purpose!

The changing table is a TV stand because she also has a 42 inch Flatscreen in her room that we're hoping gets moved before she figures out what it is! I found a vintage suitcase to hold her diapers and wipes.

I'll add a few more later when everything is completely finished!

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