Monday, August 19, 2013

On Saturday we took Jessy up to Chinook Pass and stopped to see some friends family along the way.  I love having encouraging women in my life!

We brought a picnic lunch to Lake Tippso and walked around the lake then onto another trail toward Naches.  Jessy was just a sweetheart.  We are always amazed at how good she is on these trips.  As long as she gets her milk every few hours she is up for anything!

Along the trail I believe we found the largest ant hill in the world, it was well over 4 feet tall and a huge bee hive.  Yes I was feeling the heebeejeebees all the way back! 

On Sunday we noticed that she had become fussy, clingy, not eating the same, wasn't sleeping well, (we were up every 45 minutes, which is NOT normal) so I looked up the Wonder Weeks just to check if we were hitting a milestone, sure enough we are. 

If you aren't familiar with the Wonder Weeks it's absolutely fascinating!  You know about growth spurts, they happen on scheduled weeks and months as the baby grows and you know to expect cluster feedings and fussiness, well there are also developmental weeks where the baby's developing a skillset.  They can pinpoint exactly what to expect from your baby down to gas, eating there hands and the way they cry.  The nice thing about knowing these things is that at the end you know she will have a new skill!  It makes it all worth it and you know she is not crying "for no reason".  Her brain is growing!

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