Friday, August 16, 2013

Last night was good!

We've had the fortunate experience of having a baby that will sleep great at night and go back to sleep immediately after feedings.  She will even put herself to sleep if you put her down awake.  But we always struggled to get her to sleep initially.  We couldn't get her to bed until 11pm a lot of nights after a lot of crying on both our parts, walking, bouncing, you name it.  So yesterday I got her ready for bed at 6pm (gasp!), she was asleep by 6:30 and SMILING when I put her down.  She got up this morning at 7am with 3 feedings in that 13 hour period.

She was SO happy!  Daddy and I laid on the bed this morning talking with and tickling her (I heard her first gut busting laugh!).  So what I learned is sleep begets sleep.  Napping during the day and getting your baby to sleep at the FIRST sign of sleepiness BEFORE they ever cry is SO important.  It makes life so much easier.  Babies need that much sleep!

The plus side for me is my hubby and I have our evenings together to have dinner and watch a movie.  Having that time to reconnect is so important and has definitely been missing.

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