Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Explosive Poop!

For some sick reason over the last month the thing that makes me laugh the hardest is my daughter's poop.  Really?  Sad but true.  From the first merconium poop that kept coming and coming and was twice the size and weight of her entire body to the latest diaper explosion that seems to make me look at my husband and laugh hysterically.  A load of laundry and a bath must follow!

It's been fun to watch her grow.  She has started to smile when she sees people or you make completely embarrassing facial expressions... hoping I remember not to do that in public...

We've been traveling every weekend with her on day trips, hiking, exploring and other fun things.  Last weekend on the way home I needed to stop to feed her, this was our view.

One nice thing about getting out and about is that either her or Mike and I learn something every time we do it.  Sure I'm nervous, sure I'd like to back out and stay in my hermit house but every time the experience is well worth it.  Plus everyone says to travel with them now before they start to move!!  Probably won't be laughing at the poop stories anymore around that time...

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