Thursday, August 28, 2014


Well, its been a learning experience while daddy lives in another city.  Tuesday I thought was difficult with a teething infant.  I misplaced several items including her nightlight that I use to see for diaper change in the middle of the night.  I went to put down a cranky baby and shook her bottle of milk after putting some medicine in it. The lid wasn't on and milk went EVERY. WHERE.

I'm also in the process of washing clothes and packing for a 4 day vacation BY MYSELF while taking care of this cranky baby... which brings me to last night's drama.  I came home to find out I somehow washed an ENTIRE ROLL of TOILET PAPER in the laundry.  Do you have any idea what a disaster that is?  3 REwashes later and I'm packing clothes with white bits of fluff on them. I'll just tell people we have a BAD case of dandruff.  Of course I go to put the cranky butt to bed and she spills her bottle all over her so that means a wardrobe change which resulted in 30 minutes of crying and refusing to go to bed because I messed up the rhythm.  And then up EVERY 2 HOURS after that... I sure hope this vacation works out.

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