Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Don't Drink The Water

Well we are back from our vacation to Puerto Vallarta.  We spent a lovely week in a villa on the beach.  Unfortunately my baby got sick (pretty sure it was from the ice we used on the last day) and I was up at 4am this morning with her in the shower and doing loads of laundry.  That was the SECOND time in 12 hours I had to do laundry.  Poor baby.

Grandpa was a great jungle gym in the airport

The resident dog

The resident iguana

We went to La Palapa restaurant for beach time.  Nice spot in the shade to play in the sand and a waiter brings you cocktails and cervezas.  Nothing better.

 Selfies when we were bored on the patio waiting for breakfast

Our pool was so refreshing, every afternoon we would all jump in when we got back from sight seeing.

She LOVED all of the food and ate everything we did, even octopus!  We had an amazing chef at the villa so we ate dinner there every night.  She had a 4 month old girl so Lisa and I left a lot of clothes and shoes with her. 

After this trip to El Eden and beautiful river, we stopped for some food and my husband got a special treat from the owner for some "special" hot sauce.  I just love these pictures.

More pictures coming later.  I have a shit storm literally to handle...

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