Wednesday, December 10, 2014

IKEA Kids Table and Chairs DIY

I purchased these table and chairs at Ikea for Baby J.  I wanted to get heavy duty chairs that we would be able to sit on with her.  I got the Sundvik table and chairs.

I wanted to have a nicer chair to sit on then just hard wood.  So I purchased some fabric and 1.5 inch foam.  Just put the chairs together except for attaching the seat.  Trace your seat top on the foam and cut it out.

Place the fabric on the floor (good side facing down) the foam and then your seat top (good side facing down) and using a staple gun, staple the fabric around the edges while pulling tight.  Attach the seat to the chair and you're done!!  It was really simple to do, I've never done this kind of thing before and it turned out great!

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