Friday, June 17, 2016

Firepit Friday

I'm on a mission with all of these projects now that I'm not pregnant.  Its not easy doing this with 2 babies but we get it done.

I think this is my favorite project so far.  We needed, what my dad calls, a mini vacation place. Where you can get away from the hectic of the day and pretend you are on vacation especially when the littles are in bed.  Introducing our firepit!

We literally did it in a few hours and I promise you, its alot easier than it looks.  We found the bricks at Lowes, determined the size and got to work.

My dad was visiting and he made sure that everything was level and perfect!  Of course the kids watched.

If this is a project you've been wanting to do, I highly recommend doing it.  We did add contractor glue when laying the bricks so that they wouldn't slide when someone put their feet up on the pit as a foot rest.  We absolutely love it.

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