Friday, July 1, 2016

Guess Who's Coming to Dinner? The Seattle Seahawks

I'm sure some of your are wanting the story of how this happened.  I can only say it happened because I asked.  There is a big lesson in this story.  People are so afraid to ask for what they want. What is the worse that can happen?  But what if they say YES?

Friday morning I was laying in bed with Jessy watching a movie while baby Liam was napping.  I went through my Twitter feed and saw that our Football team, the Seattle Seahawks were doing their fan tour and they would be coming through our town.  The way the map looked, it seemed like it would be Sunday, the last day of the tour.  They also said, "Hey, if you have an idea for us to stop along the way, send us a tweet!"  So I did.  I told them to stop at my house for lunch.  A few minutes later I get a message for my address and phone number.  Said they would be in the area around 3:30 or 4 and would let me know if they had time to stop.

I sat back down and then I sat straight up... they meant TODAY.  I'm a stay at home mom with two babies and a very messy house!  I screamed, I panicked. And then I got to work.

I made a rack of ribs (I would have made about 4 or 5 but honestly you don't really know if they are REALLY coming so I didn't want to waste a bunch of food).  I made some desserts and then my husband got home.  5pm came and we had texts from friends that they had been in town a few hours ago.  My husband resigned that they were not coming and he began to eat the ribs I had made. He also built a fort for the kids and they were playing it in (which is why my daughters hair looks like a mess in the pictures!!) I thought well the worst that happened was I had a clean house and I began to make cookies for my in-laws 50th Anniversary coming up this weekend. About 30 minutes later my phone rings.  My husband and I stare at each other and he says... its the Seahawk.  I look down at the number and say, Yup and answer the phone.  "Hey we are about 5 minutes away is it okay if we stop in".  OF COURSE.  While I'm frantically trying to set everything back out that I had put away.

It was so much fun.  The bus pulled in and everyone came inside.  Everyone, players, Seagals, Blitz, Blue Thunder.  So much commotion and laughter.  It was amazing.

I asked the players if they would sign my sons nursery wall and they did... of course now my daughter asks to write on the wall every time she sees it.  Her birthday was the next day and they say Happy Birthday to her... what a 3rd birthday party!!

Photos courtesy of the Seattle Seahawks

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