Monday, November 14, 2016

In the Midst of Joy

So the last few days were really tough. My husband and I were going to have a night away. The first night just the two of us since we were married. We were going to celebrate our anniversary and my birthday. We had tickets to a concert and I couldn't wait to feel free, truly free. And then be able to put my head on a pillow and sleep in that freedom. (You moms know what I'm talking about). 

My husband had a disc in his neck burst over a month ago and he has been in severe pain while we wait for answers and a surgery date. During that time we've had to sleep in separate rooms because I'm afraid the baby crying on the monitor will wake him. And when he lives hour to hour in that pain, it's not something you want to happen. So to say I was excited to go away for one night is an understatement. At the last minute our plans were canceled because of the sitter. Oh how my heart broke. We needed this, I needed this so badly. I cried out to God, "why can I have no joy"! 

I decided to get out of the house and went to a store to look at Christmas decor. And that's when God gave me a gift. I had been looking for two mugs by this artist... Why they would be in THIS store is unheard of. But there they were. I saw the name of the artist and gasped, turned it over and saw JOY printed on it... And I knew, and I thanked him for this gift that brought me Joy. Because my Father is always there, always listens and always loves

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