Monday, November 21, 2016

Joy to the World and a FREE Printable!

I was fortunate to get a tree this year from King of Christmas.  Wow.  They sure don't make artificial trees like they used to.  This beauty actually FEELS like a real tree.  I kept telling my husband that I swear I can feel sap on my hands while I was putting the lights on.  If you have been on the fence or you aren't sure which company to go to, go to King of Christmas.  I absolutely LOVE my new tree.

We have a 9 foot tree and it sets up so easy.  No more color coding branches, it just literally POPS up. and it came with a storage bag for when the season is over.  Customer service was EXCELLENT in helping me choose the best tree for my space too.  These guys really are wonderful.

So I got this tree set up and I needed to decorate it.  With all of the unrest in the country I decided to do a JOY TO THE WORLD tree.  I'm really very happy with it!  I got the galvanized tree collar from Home Depot and I made the sign as well as many of the ornaments on the tree.

Here are some fun ideas for decorating:
  • Use two different sizes of lights when decorating.
  • Put 3 small balls on one hanger for a cluster of ornaments, it looks so much better then just all individual balls.
  • For the sign I just got some letters and spray painted white.  I sprinkled it with glitter while it was still wet and added a clear coat.  Took just a few hours!
I'm offering this free printable over on my Instagram page if you would like it!  Happy Thanksgiving!

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