Monday, September 22, 2014

Flowergirls and Markers

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This weekend was a bit of a blur.  Our whole family participated in a wedding of a couple that are more than friends.... they're family.  Jessy was the flower girl, I was a bridesmaid and Hubby officiated.  As nervous and stressed as I was of having a 14 month old be a flowergirl, I shouldn't have been.  She did great!  I'm so proud of her.  After the wedding she had fun running around and playing with the other kids there.

Sunday we took the day to recover.  We tested out those markers that say "totally washable" to see if they actually were.  I'm impressed!  (All I can say about this picture is... dad dressed her.)

Next weekend is going to be just as hectic and its our Anniversary. I figure we'll make a nice dinner and have a bottle of wine after the munchkin goes to bed.  Hopefully I'll stay awake past 9pm!

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