Thursday, September 25, 2014

Snots and Giggles

The dreaded fall cold.  My husband got it first, passed it on to baby J and she gave it to me.  On the plus side, she has slept through the night all week!  On the downside with the amount of mucus coming out of that little nose... no birthday parties this weekend.  While she is feeling better, I'm pretty sure the mamas do not want a snot whale around their child.... and I can't blame them.

She decided last nights she felt well enough to chase the poor dog with her bubble popper.  The dog still hadn't come out of the bedroom by the time I left this morning...

On a side note baby J has become OBSESSED with socks and shoes.  She has to have one of them on her feet at all time.  My only explanation is that her daddy put them on her feet last weekend before he left.  Whatever he does... she is obsessed with.  This week he taught her to lift up her shirt and pat her belly.... and his.  And now mine... We'll need to have a little talk about this when he gets home.

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