Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Amazing Find for Anyone That Has a Fire Pit or Campfires!

We had a busy and fun weekend.  We visited several places including the Gorge.  Jessy had her first REAL ice cream cone which was as big as her face!  We flew kits... We had family over for dinner, pumpkin pickin' and a fire in the fire pit.  Plus we went to a local market for pony rides, apple cider, carmel apples and all kinds of fun!

The BEST thing though was these fire packets that we used in the fire.  You know how you can sit there for EVER starring into a fire because its so mesmerizing... what if you're fire looked like THIS?

These fire packets are available HERE and you just toss 2 or 3 in the fire pit and you have amazing colors dancing for a good 30 minutes.  TOTALLY worth it.  If you have a fire pit or go camping alot this fall, you NEED these!!

Even Liam stayed up to sit by the fire!

What do you guys think?  Should I do a giveaway on these color fire packets??

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