Monday, December 12, 2016

DIY Stocking Hanger!

I've been searching everywhere for the PERFECT stocking hangers... I just never found them.  So I created my own!

I got a board at the hardware store and stained it to match my fireplace. Then I attached a curtain rod to the board to hang the stockings on.  I did weight it down JUST to be sure it wasn't coming down when the stockings were loaded.

That beautiful garland I saw in a store for $89.  RIGHT?  Guess where I found it for $39?  Rite Aid Online of all places.  Decorating on a budget for the win!

I LOVE the look and I can change the spinals next year to something different if I want!  Maybe dress it up a bit more glamorous... what do you think?

I also found this red lantern in the closet that we had and added a wreath around it for a festive look. We can always light it too!

What creative things are you coming up with?

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