Wednesday, July 9, 2014

The Running of the Baby

Well we have an absolute runner walker on our hands.  No more needing to hold fingers.  I tried to get a few pictures and that didn't turn out very well... She takes off running and crashes into walls, toys, the dog.  I am more exhausted now than I was before!  And I live in a constant state of panic that she is going to seriously hurt herself instead of the scrapes and bruises she is getting now.  And to top it off, she has restless leg syndrome... well that's what we're calling it anyway.  She never stops even in her sleep... which has been crappy because all she wants to do is GO GO GO.

On top of that she has begun to communicate her needs and wants.  She points to what she wants now, whether it be something she is eating that she wants more of.... or something she shouldn't have but wants to play with.  And the tantrums of a one year old have started, although not that often, JUST every time she doesn't get something she wants.

And I'm pretty sure most of this has to do with those teeth coming in.  Which I have resorted to filling her feeder with yogurt and freezing it, she loves it!  Oh the joys of parenthood...

With all that going on, we still have squeals of laughter filling our house from sun up to sun down.  She loves her cuddles, especially in the mornings and she has started to sing into her microphone she got for her birthday.  Oh I hope she's a better singer than her mom and dad!

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