Wednesday, July 30, 2014

You're Baby is Small

This comment I hate more than anything.  My baby is NOT small, in fact she is in the 98% for height and 87% for weight.  No she doesn't have rolls of fat on her... but she is lean, solid and very muscular. Yet we constantly hear "Your baby is so little". I wonder if the people saying this have any idea how big a baby is supposed to be? I never respond to that comment but I promise you it cuts to my core.

Why does this bother me so much?  Because when you have made a commitment to exclusively breastfeed your baby its rough in the beginning, your baby loses weight while you're waiting for the milk to come in.  I took my baby to the hospital daily for a week after she was born. She had trouble gaining until my milk came in and she lost 20% of her birth weight.  By the way, this is completely normal but scary for a new mom.  Your entire job after that is just to make sure you are feeding enough to your baby.  There is no sleeping through the night because its a chance to get extra calories into her growing body.  It's a job that consumes you.

Breastfed babies are completely different than formula fed in how they gain weight... in fact there is a different chart used to track their growth until they are 2 years old.  She doesn't eat sugar, or fillers, or processed foods.  She only drinks water and Goat's milk. She is a strong healthy girl.

I just wonder how those moms would feel if I started saying "Your baby is huge"?  I'm pretty sure it would hurt their feelings as well.  There is nothing wrong with my baby, she is perfect in every way... If you don't believe me, just ask her grandparents.

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